Not sure how big your cake should be to be sure everyone gets their share? Not sure what shape you want or what a "tiered-cake" actually means?

Don't worry!  We've got your back.  Answers to all your cake questions are shown for you in the diagrams below.

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Traditional Cake Shapes, Sizes & Servings

Round cakes shape size servings. eat my sweets bakery
Square cakes shape size servings. eat my sweets bakery
Sheet cakes shape size servings. eat my sweets bakery


What Exactly is a "Tiered Cake"?

What's a "Cake Tier"?

A  cake tier is actually what we'd think of as a single cake. 

A cake - or cake tier - is traditionally made up of two layers of cake stacked on top of each other with a filling in between (as shown in the drawings). 

The stacked and filled layers are then frosted and the finished tier looks like a single cake. Cake frostings are usually buttercream but can also be whipped creams or ganaches. Cake fillings are usually pudding, creams, custards, or jams or the same frosting as was used on the outside of the cake..

The photo is an example of a "single cake tier."  It's also what people usually mean when they think of a "cake."

Diagram of single tier cake. eat my sweets bakery 6
Example of a single tier cake.--Eat-my-sweets-bakery
Ombre Buttercream 8" cake

Tiered Cakes are Stacked Cakes

Tiered cakes are simple one or more cakes stacked on top of each other.  These are great for celebrations where you need to serve a lot of people.  They are usually covered in "fondant" (a thick, smooth sugar paste) and elaborately decorated. 

Not only do tiered cakes make it easy to serve a lot of people, but you can also have fun combining different shapes and flavours for your cake, filling, and frostings!

diagrams of 2 tier cakes, circle, square/rectangle and mixed shapes. eat my sweets bakery 6
diagrams of 3 tier cakes, circle, square/rectangle and mixed shapes. eat my sweets bakery 6
Belvedere Rabbit. Eat My Sweets Bakery

Same Sized Tiers

This cake uses two tiers of the same size.  Covered in fondant paste, it disguises the fact that it's two tiers to create the effect of a super tall cake. 

The smooth cake is decorated with fondant baby clothes on a clothesline and is topped with a fondant sculpted rabbit sitting on a pedestal.  The effect is a fun yet elegant cake perfect for a baby shower.

2-Tier, 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake. Eat My Sweets Bakery

Different Tier Sizes

This cake, created for a silver wedding anniversary, has two different sized tiers and features different frosting techniques on each tier.

While both tiers are rounds, the larger bottom tier features a swirled buttercream trimmed with silver dragee balls. 

The visual texture of this first tier is contrasted with the smooth buttercream on the second tier which is trimmed with triplets of silver dragees and crowned with buttercream pearls. It's a gorgeous way to celebrate 25 years of marriage.

Birthday Celebration Cake

Different Tier Sizes & Shapes

This cake shows imagination, mixing shapes, sizes and decoration techniques to make a beautiful statement.

A rectangle bottom tier is covered in fondant made to look like a tufted pillow while the second, square shaped tier is decorated with fondant stripes. The top, round-shaped tier sports embossed fondant for a lace effect and is finished with a big white and gold fondant bow.

The high-heeled white shoe, flowers and pearls all made with fondant give the cake a whimsical look.