flooded with sugar-love!

Hand-Decorated Sugar Cookies

Flooded sugar cookies...eat them or look at them, they always put a smile on your face. Whatever your fancy, let us know and we'll put a smile on your face!

Let your imagination go and we'll make it deliciously real for you. Flooded cookies make great party favours for any celebration - weddings, engagements, baby showers, birthdays, corporate achievements - really ANY event you want to commemorate with a sweet reminder for your guests. Remember, because we're completely peanut and tree nut-free you can take us to school or your office knowing everyone can safely take part in the celebration.

Take a look at our gallery below for some inspiration then send us a request for a no-obligation quote for the cookie you're looking for. 

Each cookie is lovingly decorated by hand and is made with the freshest, premium ingredients and 100% unsalted butter. The price list below will give you a general idea of starting pricing:

SIMPLE Designs: Cookie sizes 2 1/2"-3" start at $4.00 ea.
STANDARD Designs: Cookie sizes 3"- 3 1/2" start at $5.00 ea.
DETAILED Designs: Cookie sizes 3 1/2"-4" start at $6.00 ea.
ELABORATE/HAND PAINTED Designs: Cookie Sizes 3 1/2" - 5" start at $8.00