Baked Just for You!


Visions of Sugar Plums dancing in your head?  We can help you with that!

Reminder: We are a peanut and tree nut free facility!  Alcoholic ingredients and flavourings available upon request.

Cookies (Minimum order one dozen)

- Biscotti (flavours vary)                             - Chocolate Chip

- Pizzelle (thin wafer type cookies)           - Ginger Snap

- Orange Juice cookies                                - Oatmeal Cranberry

- Shortbread Cookies                                   - Thumbprint cookies

- Chocolate Shortbread cookies                - Icebox cookies

Tiramisu: Portions are both individual or family sized

Cannoli: Both small or large sized

Italian Niente: (thin pastry strips with icing sugar)

Italian Crostatas: (Italian Pies/Tarts): Made with different jams. Individual or family size.

Goodie Baskets:  Prices vary depending on customer's selections. Inquire for product availability.

Bite-size Brownies: (Minimum order two dozen)

Regular size Brownies: (Minimum order one dozen)

Mini Cheesecake- no bake:  Flavours vary.

Baked Cheesecakes 9": Flavours vary.

New York Style Cheesecake: Flavours vary.

Cakes: Sizes starting at 8" and are double layered. Decorations are an additional charge

Flavours Offered:                                                             Cake Fillings:

- Chocolate                                                                         - Chocolate

- Vanilla                                                                               - Vanilla

- Lemon                                                                              - Lemon

- Red Velvet                                                                        - Cream Cheese

*If you have a request for a different type of cake or filling that is not listed, please contact us.

Specialty Cakes:

- Mocha torte                                                                    - Lemon Mousse Cake

- Apple Spice Cake                                                           - Carrot Cake

- Black Forest Cake                                                          - Chocolate Truffle Cake

Regular Cupcakes: Minimum order one dozen.

Premium Cupcakes: Minimum order one dozen.

Mini Cupcakes: Minimum order two dozen.

Squares: (Minimum order two dozen):

- Lemon Squares                                       - Apple Cinnamon Squares

- Date Squares                                           - Caramel Cranberry  Squares

- Mocha Chocolate Squares                     - Fruit Squares (different fruit depending on the season)

*If you have a request for a different type square that is not listed, please contact us.

Zia Sia's Eat My Sweets Jams: (Available in 125mL or 250mL jars) Flavours will vary depending on season